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Buccal Tubes

Buccal tubes are from the falcon series which takes the advantage of the shock absorbcy with its innovation design. It makes bonding easy and
more reliable. It has got following specifications: 1st/2nd molar,
Roth/MBT, Bondable/Weldable, convertible/non-convertible,
Roth/MBT, U1/L1, U2/L1, U3/L2.

Orthodontic Molar Band Assorted Kit

Orthodontic Molar Band assorted kit has an ideal shape which provides greater elasticity along with superior fit. It is built into buccal tubes with straight interproximal walls in order to reduce separation along with
curved festooned. It has got following specifications: #29-#44+,
UR/UL/LR/LL, 1st/2nd molar.

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