Integrated services for dental medical institutions.

Developing innovative and cost effective technologies to advance dentist’s skill sets and safeguard public dental health.

Our Vision

To be a respectable international brand and world-class digital platform in dentistry.

Our Mision

Developing innovative technologies to advance dentist’s skill sets and safeguard public dental health.

Our Core Values

Compassion Appreciation Determination Innovation

Our Story

2021 Bondent gmbh


The foundation of Bondent Group GmbH in Germany, accelerating the globalization of Bondent Group.
2020 UDG


The United Dental Group (UDG) merged with Bomedent to form the overall root canal solution of Bondent Group. The audience of Bondent’s Online Courses exceeded 180,000.
2019 BIDS Bondent International Dental Symposium


First Bondent Interantional Dental Symposium (BIDS) presented in Shanghai, China.
2018 Bomesin


Bomesim Dental Chair of Bondent Group brought to market.
2017 Semor


Semorr Microscope of Bondent Group brought to market. 
Bondent Industrial Park established in Sichuan, China, starting the new era of Bondent Group’s development.
2016 Dr.Clear Aligner


Dr Clear Aligner brought to market, beginning of the Orthodontic business for Bondent Group.
2015 UDG


Invest and hold the United Dental Group (UDG). Acquire iDent Dental Management Software, commited to dental medical informatization and Internet operation.
2014 Bondent Academy


Cooperate with the University of Michigan in USA. First systematic periodontal implant courses introduced to China.
2013 Bondent


Foundation of Bondent Group, headquarter moved to Shanghai. IDG Capital a round of investment obtained.
2012 Bondream


Start the Innovative Project of Bondream CBCT. Opening the Bondent Brand road of independent R&D and Manufacturing.
2009 Leica


Foundation of Bondent Technology Co., Ltd in Beijing, China. Introduced Leica Microscope into China.