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SEMORR Medical Tech specializes in designing, manufacturing and promoting surgical microscope with HD imaging system in dentistry whether you are in endodontics, periodontics, or restorative dental profession, SEMORR offers microscope solutions ideal for your practice

Our Optics products

Dental Simulation Practice System

Dental Simulation Practice System is practice equipment, which used for dental school, universities and oral medicine specialized student before clinical practice teaching simulation.
During this simulation environment, the students . can know and control clinical operation technology of oral courses as early as possible,also help them to get familiar with clinical teaching environment.
It can be equipped with a microscope for micro-treatment

DOM 3000 Microscope

Surgical Microscope
- Excellent optical system ensures an exquisite image
in every detail
- Accurate zoom magnification system
- Stable and lifelong LED illumination
- Elegant and compact design
- Ergonomic binoculars (with 210˚ movement )
- Flexible balance system
- Accessible to future update to premium edition

DOM 3000D-4K

Surgical Microscope
- Extended binocular tube with IPD adjustment Knob
- Zoom mangnifier knob
- New objective lens
Enjoy a stress-free working
space like never before F=180mm-460mm, Large focus range design
- Optimal ergonomic designs
lead to simplicity
- 4K integrated camera can record
full HD videos and HD images with
12 million pixels.
- Built in WIFI

DOM 4000D-4K

Built-in 4K image system, semorr's own app
Mobile Internet, instant sharing
Large arm span makes space more flexible. Maximum arm spread 1650mm
Large view, reduced microscope movement. FOV: 132mm to 9.7mm field of view diameter
Suspension arm, 3 damping balance arm design
0°-210° extended ergonomic binocular tube
Nano silver ion antibacterial coating. makes treatment more reassuring
larger vario focus objective lens

Naked Eye 3D Microscope

- Naked eye 3D technology: Human eye location and tracking system, stereo shock, visual experience.
- No eyepieces, easy to operate
- Super depth of field, zoom in again: 4 times the traditional depth of field and magnification
- Double screen and display operation system & doctor-patient communication modules
- Adjuvant therapy inverted mirror system
- Compatible with multiple screens

TME Training Microscope

Surgical Microscope
- Magnifications: Zoom Manually
- Eyepieces: 12.5X/18B (Aperture: 18mm)
- Binoculars: 0~210° inclinable
- Objective lens: f=250mm (0~16mm focusable)
- Illumination: LED
- Stand system: Tabletop, Table clip mount, Dental unit mount

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