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Platinum V.EU

Safe and efficient endodontics system

UDG presents its pattent of cross section with flat design the perfect compromise between cutting efficiency and debris removal.
Platinum V.EU

The Pattent cross section:

  1. Reduces the risk of instrument fracture1
  2. Increases the efficacy of the circumferential brushing movements for efficient selective cleaning
The Pattent cross section 01
The Pattent cross arrow
The Pattent cross section 02
The Pattent cross arrow
The Pattent cross section 03

Nuno Pinto explaining everything

Endo power! It is a powerful file system with good flexibility and cutting efficiency. Due to the special flat design, it provides excellent debris removal.
Dr. Nuno Pinto

Flat design more space

  1. For improved debris removal
  2. To reduce constraints on the instrument

Increases lateral space at the apex and reduces debris being pushed out of the apical foramen

Flat Design Image 01Flat Design Image 02

Step by step

Short Sharft
Working length
Depth markings at
18, 19 and 20mm
18, 19, 20 and 20mm
22 and 24mm
Platinum V.EU

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