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Niti Super Elastic

Super Elastic archwires are light to moderate and responsive to chilling. These wires address leveling, torque and rotation early in treatment. It is
highly flexible with excellent resiluency which provides greater comfort to patients more than stainless steel wires. It has got following specifications: Ovoid/Natural and Reverse back

Niti Thermal Active Archwires

As a shape memory allow (SMA), activated niti archwire refers to a kind of alloy with certain shape, which is deformed at low temperature and fixed into another shape when, (W small) it is heated above certain critical temperature, the initial shape can be restored. The ability of alloys to recover their initial shape is called shape memory effect (SME). In the current clinical treatment process, due to the shape memory function of heat activation company and good biocompatibility, it is widely welcomed by orthodontists and widely used in clinical practice.

Reverse Back Archwires

Reverse back archwires are of three types: RCS1, RCS2 and RCS3. It
provides 20 degree anterior torque. It also helps in early introduction of
torque in upper centrals and laterals.

Stainless Steel Archwires

Stainless Steel archwires are made up of 304 stainless steel material.
These wires provides a smooth surface along with greater comfort and excellent elasticity. It has got following specifications: Ovoid/Natural, 0.012-.021*.025, upper/Lower, 1pc/pack, 10pcs/pack.

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