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Rapid heating. 14s to Melt
Reduce the warm-up waiting time.
2600mAh - Longer standby time
Wider temperature range, adapt to more gutta percha points on the market (140º- 230ºC)
Ergonomic design, balanced and comfortable hand feeling
Four working tip 2 tips/23G2 tips/25G925 silv


Obturation System Down Pack.
Working continuously 4s Work continuously for 4 seconds then stop heating, to avoid heating long time burning gums. 2600mAh
Longer standby time 0.2S to 200˚C
The temperature rises instantaneously in 0.2 seconds, no waiting, quick cuts Rotation tip
The needle can be rotated to adapt to multi-angle operation.
Wireless control (optional) Wireless foot control, reducing operation difficulty of the dentist

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