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Bondent 1020S
3 in 1

 Advanced algorithm contributes to digital solution , increasing the accuracy and efficiency of diagnosis.

4 reasons to choose Bondent

CT - Panoramic - Cephalometric
Core technologies:
- AI-based quasi-spectrum metal artifact correction
- Low-dose CT with AI enhanced signal-to-noise ratio
- Intelligent 3D pano
AI Pano
Artifacts Correction
Reduce Artifacts Image 01
Reduce Artifacts Image 02
Reduce Artifacts Arrow
Reduce Artifacts Image 03

Nuno Pinto explaining everything

Endo power! It is a powerful file system with good flexibility and cutting efficiency. Due to the special flat design, it provides excellent debris removal.
Dr. Nuno Pinto

more reasons

CBCT - Multi-track Focusing
Cephalometric Evaluation
The ideal tool for Orthodontic and maxillofacial surgery.
CBCT - Multi-track Focusing
Multi-track Focusing
Multi-track focusing panoramic technology, focusing on clinical pain points
CBCT - 3D Processing
OnDemand3D Software
Powerful and professional Ondemand post processing software realizes more clinical applications

Technical Data

Field of View
16cm x 8cm
Camera Mode
CT, Pano, Ceph
Sensor Type
CT, Pano (CMOS), Ceph (CCD)
Detector Switching Mode
Patient Positioning
Standing/Seated/Wheelchair Accessbile
Pixel Value
Spatial Resolution
>1.8lp/mm (CT and Panoramic mode)
>2.0lp/mm (Cephlo Mode)
Gray Scale
Reconstruction Time
Less than 60s
Focal spot
Less than 60s0.5mm
Exposure Time
CT: 8s or 24s;
Pano: Ms;
Ceph: 4.2s or 8.4s
Workstation PC
Model: Hpworkstation
Graphics card: GTX1660 (6G only)
Monitor: HP 23.8", 1920x1080 resolution
Operation System: Windows 10 64
Workstations ASIA
CPU: i5
Memory: 16GB DDR42 666 DIMM ECC
Registered Memory
Hard Disk: 1TB7200RPM SATA3.5in,
256G SSD
Drive: 9.5mm DVD-Writer 1st ODD
Keyboard: Business Slim PS/2 Wired
Keyboard PRC
Mouse: HP Optical USB Mouse
Operational Software
Bon-Masterimage management module;
Bon-Touch touchscreen module;
OnDemand3DTM 3D post-processing module
CBCT Artifact Detail

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CBCT-1020s (#3)