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Actor I pro

Ultrasonic Endo Activation Device
- Two working model regular and high power options, meet different situation requirement.
- 1600mAh Longer standby time
- Wireless charging, faster and more convenient.
- Mute ultrasonic technology.
- Small amplitude but strong power
working more table and less noisy.
Tips meet more root cannel situation requirement 20/02-21mm x 3pcs, 25/02-18mm x 3pcs
- Front light, the LED light gives a better view inside oral cavity.
- Wireless foot control (optional), reducing operation diffculty of the dentist.


Rapid heating. 14s to Melt
Reduce the warm-up waiting time.
2600mAh - Longer standby time
Wider temperature range, adapt to more gutta percha points on the market (140º- 230ºC)
Ergonomic design, balanced and comfortable hand feeling
Four working tip 2 tips/23G2 tips/25G925 silv


Obturation System Down Pack.
Working continuously 4s Work continuously for 4 seconds then stop heating, to avoid heating long time burning gums. 2600mAh
Longer standby time 0.2S to 200˚C
The temperature rises instantaneously in 0.2 seconds, no waiting, quick cuts Rotation tip
The needle can be rotated to adapt to multi-angle operation.
Wireless control (optional) Wireless foot control, reducing operation difficulty of the dentist

iRoot Apex

Smart precise Apex Locator
- Integrated Bluetooth
- Easy Start
- Equipped with high precision gyroscope, switch the display mode according to the state of display

iRoot Pro

Cordless Endo Motor with integrated Apex Locator

Marc III

Cordless Endo Motor
Marc III can work together with iRoot Apex by cable.

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